Digital radiology

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Digital radiology is incredibly powerful and accurate

Veterinarians Use Diagnostic Imagining
- Including X-rays -

to peer inside pets’ bodies to look for injuries, disease, and even pregnancy.

At Pet Urgent Care of St Peters, we are thrilled to offer non-invasive digital radiology and rely on this technology often when we need more information than we can gather during a hands-on examination.

With digital radiology, we can capture crystal-clear images of your pet’s internal structures in seconds. This modern equipment also exposes patients to less radiation than older radiology equipment. If your dog or cat needs diagnostic imaging, depend on us for digital radiology in St Peters.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

We use digital radiology to confirm pregnancy, assess injuries, and examine patients’ bones, and organs. Our equipment allows us to quickly capture images, manipulate them to improve quality, and get a clear picture of what’s happening inside a dog or cat’s body.

Digital radiology is incredibly powerful and accurate, and it allows us to quickly diagnose problems so we can begin an appropriate course of treatment. Plus, offering this service in-house helps us keep our rates reasonable for our clients.

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Digital Radiology In St Peters

Here at Pet Urgent Care of Buckhead, we are proud to provide Buckhead with safe and accurate digital radiology services.

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Whether your pet is injured and needs an X-ray, you think they might be pregnant, or they need diagnostic imaging for any other reason, let our devoted team be of assistance. Contact us today for additional information.

If you need digital radiology for dogs and cats in St Peters, you’ve come to the right place.